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Stock for sale and wanted

Soay sheep society members can advertise free of charge on this site (text advert only) as part of their £10 annual membership fee.  To become a member click here.  Adverts will be displayed in chronological order (most recent first) for no less than one month and will then be removed unless instructions to the contrary are received.

Before you buy please read our page detailing the difference between registered, unregistered and birth notified sheep. Some buyers mistakenly believe that unregistered sheep can be registered at a later date.


The Society does not recommend or endorse any sellers or animals that are advertised on this site.

Advertisements will only be accepted if they are for specific animals and not for general marketing purposes and must state whether the animals are registered, unregistered or birth notified

To advertise on the site please email your advertisement to the webmaster

Date Posted Soay - Wanted
Jul 14

Most of my Soays have died of old age and I would like to top up the flock with about 6 - 8 ewes or neutered ram lambs.

Happy to pay £45 per lamb to have them delivered to me here in East Sussex. Dark brown preferred but would accept others.

Contact John Mew email john.mew@virgin.net or telephone 01435 862045 East Sussex

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
Jul 14

2 Soay rams, born 2013, dark mouflon, registered.  Also 3 ram lambs born 2014, two dark mouflon, one light mouflon, will be registered before sale but at present un-registered.

Contact Ruth McAuley 01832 731308 Thrapston, Northants, NN14 4JL 

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
Jun 14

10 registered shearling Soay ewes, various colours, all in good condition. Have had lambivac vaccinations plus fly spray. Ready for mating this year.

Also 18 Soay ewe lambs, all registered and treated as above. May be sold late July / early August this year.

Plus 14 Soay ram lambs from the same group, all birth notified.

Any visit welcome.

Contact Harry and Gill Pettit 01952 433183  email h@hgpettit.co.uk Ironbridge, Shropshire

Date Posted Boreray - For Sale
Jun 14

4 shearling Boreray ewes available now. Ewe lambs available late Summer. Registered and organic.

Contact Charles and Mo Morgan 01550 740206 email mo@phonecoop.coop Carmarthenshire

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
Jun 14

Registered RBST Soay Ram for sale.  Lovely attractive dark golden brown, 2 years old (born March 2012), has successfully sired lambs this year.  Friendly, will come when called and will eat from bucket or out of hand.  Being sold due to cutting back flock.

Contact Diana Thompson 01520 733235 email diana@thompsonpr.co.uk Lochcarron, Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
Jun 14

6 healthy Soay lambs, RBST registered, 4 girls, 2 boys, 5 black, 1 pale mouflon. Ready to go to good homes mid-late July. Dad and 1 mum and boy prizewinners at Thainstone Show 31st May 2014

Further enquiries and pictures: big-cat@live.co.uk

Contact Joanne Romanis and Peter Mossey 07713 402100 Mossoay Flock, Westown, Perthshire, Scotland PH2 7SU

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
Jun 14

Registered Soay ewes with lambs at foot, some traditional brown mouflon, others with attractive white markings. We also have some registered unrelated rams to sell with them, if wanted as starter flock.

We welcome visits and questions and are happy to offer friendly support and advice.

Contact Tricia Stewart and Peter Crook 01484 687770 or 07817 862275 email triciastewart1@tiscali.co.uk Holmfirth, Yorkshire

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
Jun 14

Registered soay ram for sale golden brown in colour. A good natured ram who will follow when called.

Also unrelated year old ewe lambs all registered. All these animals have been born and raised on an organic farm.

Contact Gaynor Barnacle 0116 2478380 email gaynor@willowbrookorganic.co.uk

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
May 14

Registered coloured Soay ewe and ram lambs available.

Contact Elaine Gardiner 07751 210997 email elainegardiner60@gmail.com Bromyard

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
May 14

10 Registered shearling Soay ewes various colours, all in good condition. Have not bred this year, will be ready for mating later this year.

A further 10 birth notified ewes will be available from August onwards. These can be registered if required.

Contact Harry and Gill Pettit 01952 433183 email h@hgpettit.co.uk Ironbridge, Shropshire

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
Apr 14

Soay ewes with Soay lambs at foot, various ages, registered and non-registered.

Contact Janice Wood 0161 976 4734 email kenworthyflock@fsmail.net South Manchester

Date Posted Soay - Wanted / Swap
Apr 14

Registered Soay Ram Lamb wanted.

Must be intact / entire i.e. NOT castrated. Must be registered / birth notified.

Preferably light phase.

Preferably located within 30 miles of Llanbrynmair, mid Wales.

For the right lamb, I am happy to leave deposit and collect in a few months once weaned.

Alternatively: if interested I have a registered 2 year old Ram that now needs to move on and would exchange for above Ram Lamb. Our Ram Hornbeam (S14627) is light phase with white face and socks, well-mannered and has successfully sired our flock for the past two seasons.

Contact Mike Pickering 01650 521813 email MikePickering@hotmail.com Wales

Date Posted Soay - For Sale / Swap
Apr 14

Dark Soay ram 'Robert' for sale.

He is pure-bred, registered, and proven. A very good-natured ram who has never been any trouble.

We would consider selling or swapping him.

Contact Julie and Simon Cooper 01452 813216 Stroud, Gloucestershire

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
Nov 13

Registered Soay Ram available now. 

Good looking registered ram (S13338) born May 2010 with proven ability and extremely good temperament. 

No room to keep him, but too good to turn into sausages. 

Contact Robert Hogg  07794 251922   Leicestershire

Date Posted Soay - For Sale
Nov 13

Due to flock reorganisation we have a number of young Soay ewes for sale.

All pure bred but unregistered, all have been running with a Soay ram since 19th November so may be in lamb at time of sale.

Contact Judy Bailey 01260 223143 or 07714 269438 Macclesfield, Cheshire